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Volume 10
Hand-worked ready-made forms with engravings.

Engraving. Fragment of ready-made formWe are glad to offer you new unique collection of ready-made forms with exclusive hand-worked engravings.Engraving. Sample of ready-made formThe collection is unique due to successful compositions of guilloche elements (protective backgrounds, rosettes, borders, vignettes, corners, etc.) with authoring engraving images made "by hand", without application of special programs.
Nowadays very few people and companies can do such "hand-worked" operations fast and economically, as these operations are quite time consuming and it is very difficult to find a professional engraver. Besides this work would cost a lot of money.
So the best solution in this case would be using the collection of the ready images in this Volume which will make your work more cost-effective and less expensive.
Authoring engraving images (50 ready-made layouts) are made by our professional designers "by hand" on paper. These images were produced with special care and dedication to details. Then all graphics was converted in electronic format with high resolution (2400 dpi) and included in final compositions. Earlier created handmade details and fragments were used for borders and rosettes. All guilloche backgrounds were created by CERBERUS® program (in vector format). Backgrounds were formed with high precision; they conform with engravings in style, shape and size completely. Engravings as "substructure" were used for creating some backgrounds (for emboss-effect or relief "numismatic" patterns, for example).
CDR-version only! All ready-made forms is *.cdr-files for CorelDraW!® version 8.0 or higher.

Data file formats:
- CDR section - *.cdr files for CorelDRAW!® version 9.0 or higher;
- TIFF section - *.tif files for quick preview and images selection.

Engraving. Sample of ready-made form.

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Engraving. Sample of ready-made form.

About files application

Engraving. Fragment of engraving from ready-made form.Engraving. Fragment of engraving from ready-made form.Each *.cdr file contains several layers; each layer consists of one-colour (monochromatic) lines. By default all lines in one layer are 100% PANTONE® color. This allows a designer view the general arrangement of a document in color. Besides, it is possible to print such files on a color printer. At the same time a designer can select the required colors and their combination in ready-made layouts. For this purpose colors, as well as their combinations, should be selected first of all. Then each layer is output on a particular film and printed on an offset printing machine in the selected color (for example, PANTONE®). We recommend using soft unsaturated colors. Correct color combinations should be also considered when printing documents in several colors.
"Overprint" attribute is installed for lines. Preset width of positive lines is 40 micron (0,04 mm), negative lines - 70 micron (0,07 mm). Recommended values range from 40 micron (for lower values there can be some difficulties in printing) to 100 micron (for higher values lines can overlap). Printers' specific features should be also considered: many laser printers can not print lines with width less than 50 micron (for ink jet printers - see specifications of minimum ink droplet size and maximum resolution). Please note: 1 micron = 0,001 mm. Mind controlling lines width when changes are introduced.
Engraving images included in compositions have resolution 2400 dpi and are printed in one layer.
All images were optimized for printing, and all files were tested on various types of RIP-processors (both soft- and hardware). All tests showed perfect results. All images can be used in any vector editors.

The images are protected by the International copyright legislation. Copying and using the images without a licence is prohibited. Our buyers are provided with a royalty free license for the use of all images from the collection in any print work. You pay only once for all further projects.

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