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Volume 7
Ready-made forms. Format A5.

This collection has been developed for designers who specialize in creating layouts of certificates, guarantee bonds, letters of attorney and other documents in A5 format.
This collection contains 100 ready-made layouts in A5 format.
CDR-version only! All ready-made forms is *.cdr-files for CorelDraW!® version 8.0 or higher.
Data file formats:
- CDR section - *.cdr files for CorelDRAW!® version 8.0 or higher;
- GIF section - *.gif files for quick preview and images selection;
- JPG section - *.jpg files for quick preview and images selection.

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Availability of several layers in images is a specific feature of this collection. Various methods of making gradient color blends are used in printing.
The first method is rainbow printing. Rainbow printing can be made on the usual offset machine if in its colorful box put some paints and switch on rolling cylinders. For example, we put in one half of colorful box a yellow paint, and in other blue, previously having divided their baffle plate. At transiting through a system of cylinders of a colorful box, these two paints mix up and form a transitional area with smoothly varying color. Certainly, the width of this transitional area gradually grows and after several time all area can become green. But in this time it is possible to print short circulation which has the line image on reprints have the smoothly varying gradient of transition of color from one to other. Process can be developed by using more than two colors. This method allows making only longitudinal and cross color blending. It is also worth mentioning that it is impossible to print large runs with periodic color blends.
The second method, gradient color blends in arbitrary direction can be imitated due to specific features of human eyesight. Guilloche Rainbow printing sampleAt the stage of layouts creation lines are painted in two or three colors (i.e. each line is painted in one solid color). Lines color is changed with certain regularity. Printing is done in layers - one layer in one run. The method can be applied to any offset machine that can "combine runs" while printing documents. Considering specific features of human eyesight it is possible to imitate "the effect of Rainbow printing", i.e. color blending under a set law. Ready-made prints look as if created by a professional designer. However, this method requires a lot of time and effort and can be used only by experienced designers with a good sense of color and spatial imagination, capable of creating two or three colored layouts under a set law of color blend.
This Volume contains such layouts that apply the method of gradient color blends imitation in specified directions due to specific features of human eyesight. Using the layouts from this Volume will save your time and money.

About files application
Each *.cdr file contains several layers; each layer consists of one-colour (monochromatic) lines. By default all lines in one layer are 100% PANTONE® color. This allows a designer view the general arrangement of a document in color. Besides, it is possible to print such files on a color printer. At the same time a designer can select the required colors and their combination in ready-made layouts. For this purpose colors, as well as their combinations, should be selected first of all. Then each layer is output on a particular film and printed on an offset printing machine in the selected color (for example, PANTONE®). We recommend using soft unsaturated colors. Correct color combinations should be also considered when printing documents in several colors. By printing such multi-colored layouts you can create the effect of gradient color blends in ready-made compositions, the effect is similar to the one achieved by means of Rainbow printing.

All images have been optimized for printing, and all files have been tested on various types of RIP-processors (both soft- and hardware). The images can be used in any vector editor.

The images are protected by the International copyright legislation. Copying and using the images without a licence is prohibited. Our buyers are provided with a royalty free license for the use of all images from the collection in any print work. You pay only once for all further projects.

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