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Volumes 2, 3 and 4
Decorative background-cells. Watermark effects and symbols.

GuardSoft Ltd. offers a new technology for creating guilloche backgrounds.
The technology makes use of guilloche-cells with a background pattern and watermark effects (letters, numerals and signs) introduced into this background. You can make any combination from the cells easily and quickly. It is possible to use simple background-cells for creating backgrounds of the required size, or employ background-cells with letters, numerals and signs for making more sophisticated images with watermark effects.
guilloche background-cells with letters guilloche background-cells with letters guilloche background-cells with letters guilloche background-cells with letters

A composition consists of separate seamlessly connected background-cells with or without built-in figures, letters and symbols.

The technology makes the process of models creation less time-consuming and more cost-effective. In addition, the technology can be successfully used by experienced guilloche designers and beginners.

    Collection of background-cells:
  • Decorative background-cells. Watermark effects and symbols. Volume 2.
  • Decorative background-cells. Watermark effects and symbols. Volume 3.
  • Decorative background-cells. Watermark effects and symbols. Volume 4.

Basic advantages of the new technology:
• backgrounds are made up of separate elements-cells;
• the technology allows creating backgrounds of ANY size by duplicating background-cells with displacement;
• it is also possible to introduce letters, numerals and symbols into the background;
• two sizes of background-cells are available (12x18mm and 20x30mm);
• 21 types of background-cells structures are available (see examples below);
• the cells are joined seamlessly, which makes the background look as a whole pattern;
• curves forming the background have been optimized for PostScript.

All images have been optimized for printing, and all files have been tested on various types of
RIP-processors (both soft- and hardware). The images can be used in any vector editor.

The collection contains:
2 background-cell sizes: 12x18 mm and 20x30 mm
21 basic structures of background-cells in each background-cell size:
 Volume 2   bgr 01 bgr 02 bgr 03 bgr 04 bgr 05 bgr 06 bgr 07
 Volume 3   bgr 08 bgr 09 bgr 10 bgr 11 bgr 12 bgr 13 bgr 14
 Volume 4   bgr 15 bgr 16 bgr 17 bgr 18 bgr 19 bgr 20 bgr 21
• a complete set of letters, numbers and signs is available for each basic structure of background-cells:
- Latin alphabet (26 letters), Cyrillic alphabet (32 letters) and 10 numerals;
- special signs (5 signs) and one space (1 background cell).
• all background-cells are available in three types of format - *.cdr, *.eps and *.tif:
- in CDR section - *.cdr files for CorelDRAW!® version 8.0 and higher;
- in EPS section - *.eps files for Adobe® Illustrator® version 7.0 and higher;
- in TIFF section - raster images (for quick preview).

So, the total number of files in the collection amounts to: 2x21x(26+32+10+5+1)x3= 9324

All images lines are 100% black.
Lines width of all images ranges from 40 to 80 micron (0.04-0.08 mm).

    Guilloche Elements Application:
  1. Open the required *.cdr or *.eps file:
    - in CorelDRAW!® in one of the CDR-directories;
    - in Adobe® Illustrator® in one of the EPS-directories.

  2. To change lines color, select the respective lines and set new color.
    When guilloches are used in printing lines colour should be solid for process or spot colors (one color from CMYK or PANTONE®).
    For example, when 60%C, 30%M, 20%K are used register problems can arise (out of register or superimposition problems).

We do not recommend modifying lines width as this can result in changing style of an image or lead to distortions. Images lines have variable width.

The images are protected by the International copyright legislation. Copying and using the images without a licence is prohibited. Our buyers are provided with a royalty free license for the use of all images from the collection in any print work. You pay only once for all further projects.

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