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Volume 1
Decorative and protective backgrounds, borders and rosettes.

This volume contains a unique collection of guilloche design elements:        ROSETTES         BORDERS         BACKGROUNDS

This volume features 234 guilloche elements, including 120 rosettes, 90 borders and 24 decorative-protective backgrounds of various shapes in two types of formats - *.CDR and *.EPS which can be used in any vector program, for example in CorelDraW!® or Adobe® Illustrator®. In addition, it contains TIFF-files (raster format) for preview and selection of the required images.

All images in our collection have been created by our guilloche designers and are authoring.
All images are optimized for printing
, and all files have been tested on various types of RIP-processors (both soft- and hardware). The images can be used in any vector editor.

Data file formats:
CDR Section - *.cdr files for CorelDRAW!® version 8.0 or higher;
EPS Section - *.eps files for Adobe® Illustrator® version 7.0 or higher;
TIFF Section - raster images (for quick preview).

    Guilloche Elements Application:
  1. Open the required file *.cdr or *.eps
    - in CorelDRAW!® in one of the CDR-directories;
    - in Adobe® Illustrator® in one of the EPS-directories.

  2. To change lines color, select the respective lines and set new color.
    When guilloches are used in printing lines colour should be solid for process or spot colors (one color from CMYK or PANTONE®).
    For example, when 60%C, 30%M, 20%K are used register problems can arise (out of register or superimposition problems).

  3. To change lines width, select the respective lines and set new width.
    Recommended lines width varies from 40 to 100 micron (for lower values there can be problems by printing, for higher values lines can merge together). Be careful with lines width in case any changes are made.

The images are protected by the International copyright legislation. Copying and using the images without a licence is prohibited. Our buyers are provided with a royalty free license for the use of all images from the collection in any print work. You pay only once for all further projects.

Corel® and CorelDraW!® are registered trademarks of Corel Corp.
Adobe® Illustrator® are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems, Inc.

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